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Author: Ritesh Sanghani

The Objective:

The Solution:

The Challenges:

The Solution


Setting up a data entry process of scanned invoices

for energy bills of electricity, gas and water, to give

that enhanced customer service experience.

Ongoing data entry process of 1,000 plus invoices

daily; from scanned images to a web based client

application through remote login facility.

This project of data entry was of transferring data

from scanned images into client application. While

data entry is so needed & seems easy, it can also be

the cause to lot of issues for a business when

human element plays a vital role to it. The real

challenges a data entry professional faces,

?Human error



?Data validation

?Missing values

?Multiple-level data structures

?Data retrieval


?Back up and audit trails

?Documentation and archiving

Paradigm shift is the key to profitability for retail energy

business; & is managed by securing sufficient wholesale

supply at competitive pricing to ensure reasonable profit.

These enterprises need to have a clear demarcation of things,

which are must haves & must dos, while serving their

customers. One of the leading utility service provider

delivering, future values, enhancing megawatts, computing

cubic feet, to multi-location organizations across USA –

realized that these were basic essentials, whereas the need of

the hour was of understanding consumer usage, designing

flexibility and looking for sustainable options, which they were

not well equipped with.

Hi-Tech, was approached to couple intelligent systems with

information technology, an approach towards sustainability

through customer satisfaction. The project was to process

1,000 plus, energy bills/invoices for electricity, gas and water,

online, in client’s LICA system accessible through a remote

desktop connectio n, daily. Hi-Tech’s Utilities Portfo lio

Management solution is designed to enhance the accuracy

and offerings of your existing processes. This expedites

systematic and concurrent assessment of volume and price,

giving new dimensions to client’s decision making process

and customer service.

Technology / Software Used

Comprehending client requirements, data entry experts

concluded on using PDF reader & double key-in method on

client application through remote login facility.

?Client selected, from a team of experienced and focused,

data entry specialists, proficient in handling more than

1000 documents a month.

?Convenient process flow of accessing documents through

FTP servers – with appropriate nomenclature and use of

PDF reader & client application to treat the task logically.

?All documents audited by Quality Assurance team before

processing the files & then provided to clients with real time

status reports about number of files in process and the

ones processed.

?· Double Key-in method offered the best cost-benefit of

accuracy compared to prices.

?Client received reliable data that translated directly into

bottom-line savings.

?The importance & accuracy of information multiplied as

the size and volume of the project increased.

Accelerated innovation & efficient operations for business transformation,

solutions by Hi-Tech to build tomorrow’s Utility Enterprise

Case Study Highlights

The Client

: Utility Portfolio Management Solution Provider

: Wayzata, MN, USA

: Energy Management Systems & Products




Source: http://www.hitechos.com/pdf/bpo/data-processing/lgi-energy-solutions.pdf

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